Analfuck In The Muff 03 - Scene 16 Party

Analfuck In The Muff 03 - Scene 16 Party play

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Any interaction now might make him too awake to fall asleep with that bar digging into his hip Kpop. She'd never gone to church as a kid, but during the few years she'd taken Evan and Deana, for Sandra's sake, she'd heard enough to know she had already committed adultery with her son, in her mind. Her tits were like torpedoes and her bush was a thick, curly brown triangle

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. . Sandra's mother got of the dealers condom covered cock and walked over to Sandra and smashed her across the face busting her lip forcing her to get on the bed calling her a disobediant slut, Sandra sobbed and slowly took her clothes of, the dealer was getting impatient and told her to hurry up her mother yanked her Sandra by the hair and undressed her herself and pushed her over to the bed falling on to her knees thats when she noticed that Sandra had traces of shit between her but cheeks her mothe yelled at her telling her to learn to wipe her dirty ass then pelted her ass with her fist, Sandra limped over to the dealer taking his dick in her mouth getting ready to suck it but the dealer took control but yanking her hair backwards and forwads throat fucking her he then pulled her mouth of his cock and thrown her onto the bed and got on top of her and fucked her hard and rough this guy was black and his cock must of been 10 inches or something bigger shes not use to this size it hurt like hell he was pounding her pussy till the breach of her orgasm she felt it it gave her some comfort but only for a short while


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In The Muff 03 - Scene 16

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